Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soapy Mess

I have seen many craft book ideas using soap flakes and making a huge pile of thick bubbles for the kids to play with.
Frustratingly I have never been able to find soap flakes.
Today I decided to take matters into my own hands and make soap flakes and make some bubble magic.
The project was completely kid do-able, fast, easy and very entertaining.
As a sunny day craft this is right up there in the fun department.
What I used was:
Sunlight Soap Bar
Cheese Grater
Food Colouring
A deep bucket or dish
Egg beaters
Any Sort of Kitchen Utensil to Play in the Bubbles With

Step#1: Grate 1 cup of soap bar and place into your container. Kids can easily do this part.
Remind them it is soap and not to lick fingers or put fingers near eyes.
Step#2: Add 2 litres of warm water and start to dissolve soap.

Step#3: Add 10 -15 drops of food colouring of choice. Start to beat the mixture and continue until foam reaches a thickness that you feel is sufficient.
Once it sits for a while it will become slimy and even more fun.

Step #4: Start having fun.
Clean up is easy and simple. Just wash out container and utensils thoroughly with hot water and dish soap.

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