Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seaside Windchime

Looking for a craft to do on this blustery afternoon, I came across a huge collection of shells and driftwood that we have acquired over time from all of our local beach visits.
We have shells in the garden and in many flowers bed around the yard.
They are used in the sandbox and as pet food holders.
These versatile little beach gems have found a new place in our hearts today after they were transformed into a wind chime.
And with all this wind we have been able to hear it hitting some great notes.

Grab your drill and lets get ready to craft.

What you will need:

-Shells, driftwood and any beach treasure you find.

-Drill and drill bits.

-Sturdy twine, string or anything that you would like to decorate your chimes.

-Larger piece of driftwood for the base of the chime.

-Large holed beads if desired, that string will easily go through twice.

Step#1: Find an assortment of shells and tiny driftwood pieces.
Set out on a board or table, something that you don't mind if it gets accidental drill holes in.

Step #2: Find a drill bit that will be large enough to make a hole for the twine or whatever you choose for stringing, but not big enough to break the shells when you bore the hole.
I used a second piece of wood to help me not hit the board underneath.

Step #3: Drill holes in the larger piece of driftwood that you are using for your base.
I made 11 holes but you can use any odd amount you would like.
Make sure you have the center hole for the biggest shell to hang from and as the balancing point.

Step #4: I choose white embroidery floss to keep the colouring soft toned. Cut in varying lengths, the longer the better so you can adjust you lengths at the end if need be.
(Next time I think I will use some funkier colours and neater looking beads. And maybe some time.)

Here are a few of the plain wooden beads I choose and a larger bead to finish off the top.

Step #5: Sting wood and shells and use the beads as a decoration wherever you fancy.
Step #6: As you go be sure to leave a length of the string out of the top holes of the base piece to grab and tie together at the end.

Step #7: I used a bead at the top off each strand to secure and decorate the chime.
Grab the secured strand and hold up the entire chime to see how it balances.
Shimmy and move any piece you think well help to balance the chime how you'd like or shift the strings to do the same.

Step #8: Tie off each strand either to another one or if your strands are long enough all together.
Place the big bead on the middle strand or through all the strands and tie off into a loop as a holder.

Let the wind do its magic and enjoy.


  1. absolutly fabulous blog! Check out my little world too :)

  2. We have a wonderful collection of Seashells from East coast canada and Oregon coast. So we made these with kids today. I linked my blog post to your blog. Hope that's alright. Thanks for the wonderful instruction!!

  3. Fabulous! Such a lovely organic windchime.