Friday, September 30, 2011

Re-cycling Crafts-Beer/Soda Can Bracelets

 This idea comes courtesy of of Pinterest.......again!!

 I feel kinda awkward but the only cans I found in our recycling were cider/beer cans.
But the colours are pretty for a bracelet.

Pop cans might be more sturdy, not too sure, but these worked quite well anyways.
I cut the top and bottom off and split it up the centre to start.
 Then I shaped it into the fashion of cuff I wanted and left 2 centimetres on each side to allow for folding over.

                                              Its not as sharp as you think it would be.
I easily bent the edges over with my finger tips then crimped down with pliers for a tight edge.

 I bent the edges over once more which made the cuff a bit more rigid and again this was quite easy to do.
The tin is very pliable, forgiving and easy to work with.
Crimp one more time for crisp edging.
Mine is not sharp in any way.

I think I will try to embroider on some beads and bling but for today this is a good enough start.
This might be a difficult  craft for kids to do unattended.

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  1. Thanks for sharing pix and instructions for making. :)