Monday, June 29, 2009

A Bunch Of Stuff

A quick craft the other day that caches the sun and relects the light so beautifully onto the table. K had such a great time making this.

Two tables that I found for a buck each and thought would make a great afternoon craft session of painting or day.

Another one of my little quirks is vintage wooden hangers. I love em.

I saw this on crafty crow a while back and thought it was really fitting or my husband.
It was easy to do as I glued mine and the funnest part was going to the beach for the wood.

Art in the park doing tie dying. Always a hit with the kids.

Great old logging equiptment.

I have a deep love for all things antique.
I have been looking for a washing board for some time and was so excited wehn I found this for half price in a quiant little gem of an antique store in Chemanius.
I just have to somehow convince my husband to attatched it to the bathroom wall.

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