Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feeling the Love from Our Land

This is my morning gathering, sans the eggs, from our garden.

I am so in love. All my hard works is paid back in spades at this point in the season.

We are so incredibly lucky to live in such a vibrant and healthy community.

We have an abundance of good people, great arts and entertainment, scenery that dreams are made of and great farms galore.

Where else could I ever be happier.

I feel so happy to be able to live and eat locally. It feels so wonderful to be able to serve my family and friends foods from my garden or that I bought from local farmers.

Our farmers market boasts such an array of produce and such that one hardly need anything else.

Today is a day that I challenged myself to feed us solely on local foods. This was simple but it really got my girls to think about our little world.

As we generally eat in this manner without much tadoo about it, it oi just a fact of our life, I had to acknowledge the diverse diets of many other cultures and explain the level of poverty that most people on this planet endure.
Food is life.
Today I am alive.

I finally tried making Kale Chips. I have been seeing these little morsels everywhere but cannot bring myself to buy something that is so simple to make. Seeings as my garden is bursting with kale I figured that this was a definite must to try.

And it worked beautifully.


I cut a bunch of kale on sprinkled course salt, a bit of olive oil and some Greek seasoning spice. I placed the lot on a parchment covered cookie sheet and baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I turned them over once to check in them. If you over bake them they get really grouse tasting so be careful.


I bought J a new BBQ for Father's Day and I have to admit I am really having fun with it. I never really got the whole BBQ craze but I get it now. I am hooked and there seems to be nothing I won't try.

J had heard about beer butt chicken. We bought a special little holder and went to town. OMG so good. Really I cannot tell you how tender and flavourful it was. Just as good as deep fried turkey. I know yuck you say, but do not knock it till you try it.

We hopped over to the berry farm up the street to pick a couple little bucket worth of strawberries for dessert tonight. The berries are so delicious, but when they are in a strawberry shortcake it sure amps up the yum.

As for the other parts of the day, I did some sewing, the girls played in the pool and J found a dead bat. You don't usually find them so this was a great time to show the girls all about the little wonders. They are so interesting. It was really hard to get a good shot of it, sorry.

I finished a baby sling for my friend as a gift for her daughters new little miracle. I love these colours. The pattern was quick and easy from Maya Slings. I wish I had made one for myself when I needed one.

And a few camera straps, but I was to lazy to put then on today. It'll be hard to take a picture of it once it's on.

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