Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunny Happy Day

I have trouble with using towels or nice blankets at the beach, as they get all filled up with sand and stuff. Then the sand gets in the car and it is impossible to vacuum out.
I found a solution I think will be great.
I took a bunch of old jeans and scrap denim and made a quick quilted beach throw.
I love how it turned out and will use it tomorrow afternoon at the beach.

We had our first raspberry picking today and got a nice bowl full.
In the days to come it is going to be busy at our raspberry patch.
I do not know if it is the best time of year to go anywhere as the garden is in full swing and needs daily attention, especially with this heat spell.

J is terrified of snakes and whenever the girls or myself find one we immediately get the glint of mischievousness and race to J. He just hates this and it makes us laugh even more. Poor guy.
E had a great time with this guy today.

Both the girls love the all animals we have. But the chickens are really special for them. They are like a friend that they can feed and carry anywhere, and they do.
E has been dubbed "the chicken whisperer" and it is fitting, especially when she enters the coop with bare feet......yucky!!!

The girls have so much fun in the garden and have a great grasp on growing and harvesting our food.
Today however they got a little overzealous and picked all my zucchinis.
So I had some quick thinking to do in order to use up 16 zukes.
I make zucchini crusted pizza and it was a hit. The girls scarfed it down.
I made feta and zuke delish.
And of course what is a zucchini harvest without chocolate zucchini cake. MMMM.
Now I have only 8 to store.

I so enjoy the bright colours of flowers but nasturtiums have such a richness they just scream for attention.
We use them often in our salads and as decorations.
Their peppery taste is like nothing else.
I so treasure the small amount of time that they beauties are around for.

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