Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ramblings of Today

J has just been layed off.
We have been waiting for this for about 3 weeks now and finally it's here.
This is such an odd thing for us/me/him.
We have been together for 12 years and married for 9 this July and of all that time he has worked away.
We have spent more time apart than together, but have been able to do it because we are strong and committed, and in love. We try as hard as we can to make it work and I can honestly say it has. It is not for the faint of heart but it is worth it when it is for the love of your family.
He has been married to this job more than me and I have often called myself the mistress.
His job has afforded us many luxuries in life and allowed me to be at home with the kids, which is very important to us both.
But it has definitely had it down falls.
We have had some hard phone calls in remote places. I had to tell him his grandmother passed on and about other such family sadness's.
I took a pregnancy test on the phone as well , a little impersonal but effective none the less. He almost missed the birth of our first because he was in a place he couldn't fly out of.
Always being away for friends wedding and such important events can be a bit frustrating.
I have had friends over the years who had never met J and wondered if he was just an imaginary friend. That is a constant joke in my life.
I do not know how he has been able to do what he does for so long, staying in remote isolated camps and hotels, living out of a suitcase, eating from restaurants and corners store at odd hours.
Missing the kids growing up, concerts, recitals, and sports. J tries his hardest but the girls have gotten used to not expecting him to be there. We video tape, talk on the phone, Skype and email daily to make up the distance and it really helps. We work a this together as a family.
I am certain J will not miss the relentlessly brutal hours, serious daily stress,accountability and responsibility, with a cell phone stuck to his ear endlessly day and night and dealing with so many issues that would make many weaker men run long ago.
He has never been able to make appointments and I never get time to myself.
When he is gone for weeks on end it can be a grunt for all of us.
So now that he is home we can be family (on a budget) enjoying his first summer off...ever. We can plan things and do whatever we want together.
I am so excited to just be.
So what else are we going to do?
We are just looking to book an Alaskan cruise or a trip to Hawaii.
That's the way to celebrate freedom.

On to the rest of today.
I have been working hard to create skirts and Kasa Bags for a photo shoot that I am doing with Karen McKinnon next week. I am so excited and cannot wait to see it all in print.
She is the most amazing photographer and I feel humbled to work with her.
It was a 3 skirt night tonight and I am pleased with the new additions to the collection.
What do you think?

I attacked my Neufy dog Basil with the razors today to help her cool down.
I do not think I am dog grooming prodigy, she looks so scruffy and hacked up but the old girl is loving the fur being gone.

Here is a special order Kasa Bag for a little man I sent off today. He has his name on the strap. I just love the denim and red together. I hope he loves it.

Have you ever tried making pizza on the BBQ.

I am so infatuated with this new experience that we have been making them ever other day lately. I have come up with some amazing combinations. I will post some recipes soon.

Till then you have got to at least try it.

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