Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Morning is Great

K graduated from kindergarten today. I had visions of me crying and being all happy sad.
But I also volunteered in class and was so busy I didn't have time but to enjoy the chaos and energy form the kids.
It was a real nice time. The kids sang songs and we had cake and each one wore a grad cap. So cute. I do not remember any such stuff in any of my years at school.
But that is because K had a dream of a teacher.
She is creative, inspiring and truly interested in the development and learning of each child.
We were so lucky to have her and as we really struggled the idea of public school as opposed to home schooling, this was a welcome introduction to the system.
Thank You Mrs. Fox.

And this is the "20 minute late last night" cake I made for the graduation.
It needed the flowers to set it off and the kids just loved it.
Nothing like a little chocolate cake for breakfast.

Then when we got home I checked my e-mail and I was on Crafty Crow!!!!!
Yahhhh!!!! I am so excited for that.

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