Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chemanius; A Real Gem of a Town

We had a wondeful time this weekend.
The girls and I packed up the van and headed off to visit with J at work in Chemanius.
We bunked in at the hotel, which was nice and we got to celebrate Fathers Day with J after work.
We had a great visit with an old friend of mine who put on a great spread and definately is all about entertaining.
I have lost that spark over the years, opting for function over form in that department.
On the second day our old van had a meltdown. The brakes failed and so it was parked for the weekend and our stay was extended, as nobody works on weekends.
A pleasant surprise thats for sure. We had so much fun.
Thankfully I have amazing neighbors and a great father in law who took over my daily chores here at home.
Chemanius is a cute little town bursting with charm.
It was so nice to roam the streets and really get to know the place.
An opportunity we would have missed had we had the vehicle.
The girls just loved riding in the taxis, especially the old london cab.
We hit the town on a great weekend as they celebrate the summer solstice in fine country style.
We had pancake breakfasts, a parade and the such.
There is nothing like a holiday to take your mind away, but now I feel I am working overtime to catch up.
Here are a few photos of the weekend.

I just love the way he looks at her, I hope J still looks at me that way in 50 more years.

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