Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dairy Farm Visit

I love to watch cows, the way the move, the way they eat, the way they just stand. It puts a smile to my face.
I think they are such a neat animal. Not the brightest but interesting for so many reasons, like do you know how their stomachs work?
I also have a very keen interest in the negative impact of industrialization animals for our use and benefit. Although I do not see how it is very beneficial when you look at the feedlots, the growing of the feed and the consumption of fossil fuels and land to produce meat and/or dairy.
I am appalled at it all and could go for hours on the subject, but as a light hearted aspect of dairy farming here are a few photos of the morning we spent there on Friday with K's class.
Knopps farm was very informative and the people were great there. They have a new milking parlour and we were fortunate to see both the old style and the new method of dairy farming.

It was a great start to an adventurous weekend.

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