Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quilt the Day Away

I am what I call as a Guerrilla Sewer.
I rarely use a pattern nor do I iron and measure things, unless it is important enough.
I love to free hand and take short cuts.
I eye ball a lot of the stuff that I do but when it comes to quilts all that is a big No No!!!
Well tsk tsk on me.

I have had some of the best luck just winging it.
I love my quilts and enjoy snuggling up with them quilt free of disrespecting the labour involved.
This quilt top above took me 15 minutes today.
I used some vintage napkins and some old fabric and pieced the chunks together.
Hopefully tomorrow I will put the back on and have a new summer throw.

One day when the kids are older and I have more time, and space, to spend on the meticulous details of a prized quilt, I will venture into the realm of "real" quilting.
I will take classes and work on amazing pieces of art that quilts recognizably are.

Until that day I will be satisfied whipping up crazy, simple but lovely quilts to share with my family and friends.

This is a quick pattern of random pieces I cut and had sewn together in not even a half of an hour.
I will continue to piece meal this one whenever I get the urge until it becomes something I can cover my bed with.
Could be a while though as we have a king size.
They may not become family heirlooms but the casualness of these creations makes them so much more usable.
I would be mortified if I spent a 100 hours on an spectacular quilt only to see the kids throw it outside and spill tea on it.
I did make a table cloth just for that purpose though.
A reversible tea party style cover with the cutest fringe.
This was a special order and I hope they enjoy it.
Now my ladies seem to think they need one as well.
A quick moment in the sunshine today.
Sunhat and Popsicles and the loves of my life.

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