Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sew Busy...Thanks to this Weather

Sweet peas are so intoxicatingly sweet smelling and perfect to look at.
My nightstand is complete with this humble bouquet.

My heart is so full today as K brought home from school a pendant and necklace she made for me, "because I know you love diamonds and you deserve them."
Wow she is thoughtful.... and resourceful.
The worlds most perfect diamond, don't you agree?

Onto the sewing frenzy that occurred today. Some days are just lucky that way.

Transforming something into a cute dress or skirt is so fun and simple, I cannot resist doing it.
I love to find a pretty fabric and make it into something fun for both my girls.
Sometimes I think I need 100 girls as the drawers around here are getting quite full.
But doesn't every girl deserve lots of pretty clothes?
This cashmere sweater is definitely pretty but for some reason I could never wear it.
So I made a pair of leg warmers for K to cozy into to.......

And a pillow for E to cuddle with. Nice and soft.

This skirt, in E's favorite color, was a fun fabric I knew would make a great dress.
And it did.
Too bad they were both in bed when I finished them.
It'll be a nice surprise for the morning.

K loves bright bold fabrics and this one was her pick. What a great choice.

And now it's a great dress.

Boy I wish my mother would have sewn for me.
Then there is this retro dress in a fabric I cannot identify.

E now has a fabulous new dress.
She was not into posing at all, so this was the best I could get from her.

K got a terrific twirly skirt.

Yet another skirt, this one is for an up coming photo shoot.
But K put dibs on it for afterwards.

I have been wanting to try this totally cute and basic pattern for a ribbon belt I saw online somewhere. And today was the day.
So fun to be able to use any ribbon. E picked out this dotty pattern.

So yes today was a fruitful day sewing wise and the wardrobe got a needed face lift. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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