Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Spiked My Smoothie This Morning

Up at 5am on the nose. No alarm clock, just laying there awake with a million things on my mind.
I decided I better get to it and was a machine all day.
I finished my Our Big Earth column and had breaky made before the girls even started to stir.

While K was at school I caught up on a bunch of sewing and cut out 3 skirts and a couple of aprons for gifts.
I wish I could sew for a living. I love to play with fabrics and create beautiful things.
I declared that this year all our gifts are homemade and created with love.
I have said this in the past but this year it is sticking and I am sure I can say people enjoy the gifts a little more than usual.
At least I hope they do.

After crafting with the girls all afternoon, making little mothers day brag books, I was feeling quite adventurous and took on a recipe I have been meaning to do for some time.
The girls and I made butter.
Yes that wholesome, creamy stuff that we love so much.

It was actually relatively easy to do and the girls were able to do most of it with me.
Whipping cream and a bit of salt and in under 20 minute we had a wonderful butter that just begged to be put on fresh bread.
So guess what we made next? Some bread.
And after swimming tonight we ate the fruits of our labour with pride.
All around today was a nice day.
I got so many things done and so many more started. I love projects.

I wanted to share with you these beautiful vintage inspired birds I found recently and am totally GaGa over.

And a couple other photos I love today.
Actually I love any photo with the girls in it.

And of the pooch, Lucy.
I did manage to get the laundry done as well.
Day well spent.

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