Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tea, Friends and a Living Room Campout

After a beautiful buttermilk pancake breakfast, left over from our butter making yesterday, E and I headed over to a our new friends house to visit with her and her 3 little men.
I can see that we are going to be great friends. She is a kindred spirit and a gracious host.

We had a lovely inpromtued tea party and she pulled out some amazing china.
I have a deep love for tea sets and was anamoured by all of hers.
Afterwards we picked up K from school but with another wet afternoon I had to come up with some craft ideas to keep the kiddos, and me, from going stir crazy in side our small cramped quaters.
As gardening is on my mind all the time, I brought one inside by putting together a terrarium from an old apple cider bottle.
I adore how it looks now and am excited to see how it grows.

Crafting makes us so hungry and since K has been so eager in the kitchen lately, I taught her how to make grilled cheese sandwhiches on her own.

She was delighted to be able to use the stove, unattended in a way, and declared that she makes the best grilled cheeses as hers are brown not black like mine sometimes are. Touche.

After a wonderful day my ladies are now cozied up in our livingroom campout, sweating in their sleeping bags.

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