Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Quiet Day, Getting Little Things Done

I finally finished a sewing kit I have had on hold, slightly neglected but not forgotten, for about 3 months.
I got the idea from one of K's sewing books for kids and loved the idea.
Simple yet functional.

I was able to get one of Nana's mothers day gift sewn up. So if your reading this Nana..... Stop Please.

K and E picked the pattern and fabric and I think it turned out quite cute.

Here is a card that K made me today. Isn't it so sweet.
A bouquet of roses for mother's day.
I think the way she does her roses is so unique.

K wanted me to share our recycled ladies that we made last week. Unlike most craft things that go to the wayside, these have endured daily play, endless fun and entertainment.
Armed with a hot glue gun, old plastic cups & spoons from a BBQ last week and scraps of yarn and fabric we created these darling ladies in no time.
K took this picture to share with you.

J came home tonight and the girls we so wired that it should be a long night.I think E is getting a fever but of course she managed to hold out long enough to enjoy the fun fair at the school tonight.

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