Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Monday

I was struggling to get K up this morning and decided to let her sleep. She finally woke up at 9:30 and since both ladies were in my bed we stayed put.
I do not remeber the last time I stayed in bed until 10am. I was so relaxed and rested.I felt no guilt about it either as I had no paticular things planned today.
Since K missed school I felt the need to homeschool. Todays project was about math and money.
We have been gearing up around here for J's job loss to come as of this Friday. Kids generally have a limited perception of money and finances but I really try to keep them up on it all.
I thought it would be an interesting lesson to give them each some money and we'd go thrifting and see what we could come up with.
Armed with $6.65 each off we went.

What a sucess.
Each of them really got the idea and K was able to buget and count her money.I didn't realize how much they really understood.
K was so mesmerized by this pink hat she was ready to spend all her money to get it. Lucky for her it was only $3.50.
I was delighted to find some old tins, a certain weakness of mind, and a set of cake pans.
A well spent morning.
I had a chair that fell apart on me today. I figured it was due for a tune up and on a whim re-upholstered it while the kids napped. Armed with a staple gun, some pliers and every homemakers necessity , a butterknife, I grabbed some fabric I love and started.

I think it turned out wondefully. I need to do the rest of the set but think that can wait for another more ambitious day.

I did however make a couple of placemats for the girls to brighten up the table on such a gloomy day.

I do love the rain and the smell in the air today. We spent a couple of hours at the beach after dinner. The air was deliciously crisp. I watched the girls play tirelessly in the sand and driftwood creating little seafood meals to share with me. What imaginations.

The pile of laundry still sits.

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  1. What a great Monday. LOVE the chair. B.