Sunday, May 3, 2009

Clean Up....Clean Up.... and Guess What??...More Clean Up....

Today I must have woken up with my fancy rubber gloves and apron already attached to my PJ's because I have been one busy cleaning bee. And no the B doesn't stand for B%@!#.

I rather enjoy cleaning but as I sit and look at a sky high pile of laundry I am reminded of all that still needs to be done around the house and yard.
I feel after being gone for only 1 day that I am miles behind.
And that is even after all the prep work I did to avoid feeling that way.
Ironic isn't it.

I spent the morning checking on all the animals and cleaning up after them.
I emptied the van out and ripped apart the suitcases. I managed to do 5 loads of laundry. All of the clothes and gear, pillows and sleeping bags had to be washed and dried (as the weather didn't allow me to hang them) and then put it all away.

Clean up after camping is a chore for sure.

Later I surveyed the yard and the wind had its way with the pine cones and tree shrapnel.....a clean up was in order.
For supper I let the girls go hog wild in the kitchen. I will write about that for Our Big Earth and post a link for that column as soon as it comes out.
What an experience is all I can say. And boy what a clean up.

I am feeling like a warm bath and a cuddle with my man.
Well none that is planned anyways.

I am so grateful for the rain over the weekend, my garden and lawn are looking so perky and refreshed. I had such a great sleep listening to the rain through the open window. I am truly a west coast girl. I could never live in a dessert.

I completed a custom order for a lady in Vancouver on Friday and I simply loved these Kasa Bags. The material was so beautiful. We just ordered some great fabric some California to make her daughter some bags for each girl at her faeiry birthday party. What fun. Can't wait to show you how those bags turn out.

I put together a few photo collages to catch up on a ton of photos I have been wanting to share.

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  1. Wow! Great work with the new camera. You are already putting it to use. The blog looks great!