Thursday, April 30, 2009

Signs of Spring (Ring-a-Ling)

I feel that I need to make a new quilt. I so dearly love the ones I had made for the girls at Christmas but now I am feeling left out of the goodness. I have so many beautiful fabrics that i can't bare to part with, and simply can't justify yet another apron or skirt. So I guess a quilt is the perfect solution, wouldn't you agree?
I think I will make it a summer throw, one to enjoy on a late evening while reading on the deck. I have a bit of time till that will happen as the nights are still chilly around here. I will keep you posted on the progress.

The days however are spectacular.
I can still feel the heat on my face from the day outside.
All the tell-tale signs of spring are here. The chickens are in full production, the weeds are taking over, the smell of cottonwood tree buds permiate the air with their most delicious honey aroma. All while I fret about the timing of my seeding, the lack of water already and the fact that I haven't cook a decent sit at the table dinner, or lunch for that matter, as we are outside more than we are in.
What a drastic and welcome change from our cold, bleek winter.

Things I love about the sunshine......sunhats, flip flops, dirty toes, and a cold glass of thirst quenching homemade iced teas.

Pretty shoes on pretty girls who wear pretty dresses on sunny days.

The skirts were a hit. I am so thrilled because I love to make them as much as I love to give them.

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!!

I will now get myself ready to make 60 pink cupcakes for Sparks camp on the weekend.

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