Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shearing Sheep...Add That to my Resume

When we got Ben and Opus almost a year ago, we were told that they were a cross breed that shed. This sounded to good to be true. Well Opus shed quite nicely and although it was messy, there was no work on my part. On the other hand, Benny boy wasn't what we bargained for and is a gnarly mess of matted wool.

So I looked up on YouTube how to shear sheep,(you really can find anything on there) and did a quick tutorial. Feeling confident I had K grab the camera and I got the clippers......

I felt I had a pretty good handle on the situation and was even able to flip him onto his hind with relative ease, to get a better shave. Then of course as my luck would have it, the clippers died.
So now we own a half shorn sheep. I hope he doesn't get a complex.

Aside from that today was nice all around. We headed to the beach for a picnic lunch after K finished school but got blown away. The wind was intense and made for a tough meal, but the walk on the beach was great. The girls found all sorts of treasures as the tide was quite low.

At the one time today I didn't have my camera on me, a hummingbird flew into the laundry room and after I caught it, we had a moment to examine it. I held it and she let us check her over pretty good. We have so many around the feeder right now it was a wonderful thing to let the kiddos see one so close. Then i just flicked up my hands and off it flew, only to come back to the feeder while we ate dinner. That made the girls so excited.

Now I'm off to bed with my "fresh from the line" sheets. One of the best things in life.

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