Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

Although I woke up to J's Blackberry blaring a techno alarm down in the kitchen at 5:15 this morning, I managed to happily stay up and lead an amazingly fruitful day.
The sun has created a new sense of calmness around here. We spend every moment outside and eat all our meals on the deck or at one of the picnic tables.
It is so wonderful after such a long and cold winter.
The wind has died off and now I can clean up all the pine cones as I enjoy the yard.
I had to water everything as it is already so dry. I feel that it may be an ominous sign for the summer ahead.
The ladies and I headed out to a park in the afternoon and played faeries, their favorite thing.
That gave me the opportunity to play with my new camera and I think I am in love. Dare I say that a material pocession is able to evoke so many emotions. I literally look through the lens at every chance I get, and I am thinking about what photos I would like to try to capture.
This is going to be a great tool/toy for summer.
I managed to finish a few sewing projects yesterday. I just adore this little skirt for the birthday babe.

I made my friend B an apron and dropped it by today. I hope she likes it as much as I do. I just about kept it. I made her a reading pillow as well but am saving that to give her another day. (Surprise B)

I had an idea floating around my imagination station (my idea bulletin board) for a way to spruce up some rubber cleaning gloves. Here is what they turned out like. Cleaning will be much more tolerable with these on......don't ya think?

Betchya wanna pair now!!!

To wind down the day we spent time in the garden and enjoyed a tea and strawberry snack on the deck.
Then after reading 3 chapters of the the Spidersick Chronicles the girls are nicely tucked in and peacfuly asleep, so I will retire and do some reading myself.

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