Friday, January 10, 2014

Bug Party

I hosted a Bug themed party the other day.
It was so cool.

We created and drew our own bugs and named them.
Fred was a person favorite of mine.

 We made woodland bugs from nature collected treasures.

Then they were painted and glittered up.
                                            Don't ever be fooled, glitter isn't just for girls.

 We traced, cut out and decorated dragonflies.

 Had a really good look at an array of bugs I had collected throughout the summer for just such a theme.

 There was a bench filled with crafting supplies so everyone could create an insect.

 Some even flew.

 We made creepy bug eyed spider finger puppets.

 And spoon beetles.

The came the snacks.

 And the cupcakes!!

 Then the gifts.

It was such a pleasure doing this party.
One main thing I love about this business is all the amazing people I get to meet.

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