Friday, January 10, 2014

Art Lab

We really do get busy around here.
Kids get right into it and the parents just love watching them.
Secretly I know they love the fact they don't have to clean up!!

After each class the kids each get my raven stamp.

I get to enjoy some great art time with this super kid, who loves to play with paint.
He's getting his feet messy for the first time in this pic.

Theres not much I don't put out for the kids to play with.
I try to make each class different from any other, so wether its your first time or you've come to every class, it'll be new to you.

Shaving cream, glues and glitter to clays, soaps and corn meal.
No limits for us.

But the all time favourite, the one I get requests to do all the time,  is the spin art.

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