Monday, October 28, 2013

Caveman Class

Today we finished our first Caveman Class.
I was 3 classes of getting down to caveman business.

We had so much fun talking and learning about what it would have been like to live like cavemen.
The discussions were so entertaining.

We learned some of the many ways cavemen left their mark and what we know of them today thanks to their artifacts and pictographs.
We replicated methods of painting with sticks and stones, with mud and, not so ancient, paint.

They discovered how hard it is to blow paint make leave hand prints.

We made clay/mud bowls and clay whistles as well, but i forgot to take pictures of those.

But the highlight was definitely the cave.

I created a large paper mache, cardboard cave that had 2 rooms and plenty of walls to paint.

The entire cave is now covered in grand adventure stories of wooly mammoth hunts and sabre tooth tiger captures.

We spent some time learning about tool making.

Lashing was our preferred method but we chatted about various other options available to cavemen with the resources they had at the time.

These kids had wild and vivid imaginations.
I could have chatted endlessly with this group about wild caveman adventures.

Like removing teether, cutting hair or making clothes and having a hot bath.
Brushing teeth and toilet paper was a funny topic.

I think we made some great art projects with these little cavemen and cavewomen.

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