Monday, October 28, 2013

Art Lab

I made a cupboard full of these mason jar cups with a chalkboard panel on for each participant to write their names on when they grab one from the fridge.
This has become a favourite ritual for most kids when t hey come to play at the art lab.

I now have another sewing machine and a serger.
Sewing classes have been incredibly popular.
I am so excited and proud as I watch the kids learning to create with fabric.

And Lucky, we have recently found out, is going to be a mama.
I see a bunch of little artist kitties in our future.

One simple activity that was really fun was balloon painting.

The ever changing window drying/display.

Kids getting their art on!!

And one of mine getting rather wild with paint!!

Volcanoes on a tray and outside.
Either way they are always a blast.

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