Monday, May 13, 2013

Birds Nest and Spring Cleaning

Now that spring is here, I am feeling like i had to clean.
I have my yard and garden in order, transplanted most things from the greenhouse over the weekend.
Just before the deluge of crazy rain we have been having.
Hubby has been busy building flower beds and clearing for the new orchard, not to forget the huge fire pit gazebo as well.

I have been trying to gut the house out as well.
The girls drawers are sorted and old clothes are donated.
My closet has been rummaged through and re-organized, i love that feeling.
House is cleaned in corners that haven't seen sunlight since last fall.
And the windows have all been washed.

Photos sorted and schooling coming to and end.
Finalizing loose ends and clearing the way for new one.

But the one thing that keeps getting away from me is my blog.
I have, and it clearly states, 148 posts ready to go.
I download photos and sort into posts.
I always have intentions of filling each post with lovely written quips and insights.

But by the time i get to it, a scrap of a moment with the kids perched around me and night-time getting later and later, nothing of my vision seems to transpire.

So I am going to purge my drafts and inundate the blog, so that i am up to date and free and clear to write as I please.


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