Monday, March 5, 2012

Interior Reno's Almost Complete

After 6 months...yes that long, we are 99% done. (I know some people who've built whole houses in that time.)
It'll never be 100% as there will always be something that'll need finishing.
But at this point we have the rooms and layout completed.
We have gone from 1100 sq feet to over 2300.
Yes it feels like a sprawling rancher now.
I must admit it does take some serious getting used to.

The girls old room has been changed into a den/library.
A whole was cut in the wall to give way to the hallway to the addition.

The hall has 2 bench seats with vinyl covered seating that I made.

This is my sewing/craft centre.
My command centre!!
It has lots of organizing but i'm mostly there.

 We now have our laundry room inside the house instead of in  the garage.
This is a simple luxury for me that has increased my happiness 10 fold.

Down the hall into the master bedroom.

Rounding the corner into my sanctuary.

I am so happy with how this all turned out.
It feels like a hotel suite.
I can hardly believe its all ours.

Ahh!!! then my closet.
I have always wanted a proper walk in closet that will actually have a spot for my things and be organized and efficiently laid out.

Then into the master bath.

Heated granite tile is my favourite part.
Or is the the sinks with the towel racks attached?
Or is it the tub?
I can't decide.
This is my version of peaceful heaven.

Then with the re-arranging of the house we gave way to more space reclaimed in the garage.
We set up a home gym!!
I am almost more excited about this than anything!!

So much to show, but pictures will never due it justice.
You'll have to take my word, it's amazing!!

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