Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bathroom Shelf/Table Re-Do

 I love  decorating with white and silver.
I have seen some incredible mirrored tables and shelves made with white and mirrored or mercury glass.
I figured I could get the look without spending over $200.
I think I accomplished it.

I bought silver, chrome and white spray paints.
I looked everywhere for the mirrored stuff from Krylon but they do not sell in Canada and will not ship it too me.
GRRR!! Very frustrating I must say.

 I found this gem of a tacky piece on craigslist for $10.
Perfect because even if I screw up its not a huge investment.

I started with the glass first.
I sprayed 2 even coats of the chrome paint first.

While it was wet a threw splashes of water onto it and it pulled the paint away.

It worked like a charm.
Once dried it look like real mercury glass should.

Then I painted coat after coat of white to ensure full even coverage.
I'm feeling pretty smart.
Under $40 for a one of a kind retro style piece for my bathroom.

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