Saturday, February 4, 2012

Parrot Refuge

 We headed down Island to visit all the local attractions, only to find 4 out of 5 were closed for the season.
Parrot World was open though and that was a relief and a hit.
It's one of those happy/sad sort of places.
Happy that these parrots have a safe, well provided home.
Sad because there are over 800 birds that have been re-homed here for various reasons, most of which are  horribly sad.

Most of the parrots are starving for attention.
Some pick all there feathers out from boredom or neuroses.
The people/volunteers that work there are amazing but there just isn't enough help or money.

We do love to go there and show the birds some love and to learn about all the varieties and species.

When we came home this time I had the kids draw and write about their experience this time.
What K wrote made me see just how she really gets the tenor for the place.
"Pure need for hope"

I have to admit I am in ove with these creatures and if we lived closer we would be there daily.

E had her thumb bitten really hard and so this picture shows which one was nice and which one was  the biter!!

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