Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Bites

Since eating 100% vegan RAW I have come to realize many things.
First off it takes a lot of hard work and determination to stick to it faithfully, especially when everyone around you eats everything and anything with no hesitation.
Secondly people are very quizzical and almost defensive about it.
I will freely answer any questions people have and will share anything I make with who ever happens into my kitchen.

I remind them it is my choice, an informed one at that.
One I am not pushing on anyone else.
I do not baulk at your diet or under mind your food ideals, or lack there of.
I keep it to myself and have come to accept that most people who challenge me about it are generally insecure about their choices.
And for the record, yes I am full, I eat a variety of things, I get enough protein and such, most importantly I enjoy the foods and how I feel as a result of it all.

I have learned that you must pack almost all your own food wherever you go as it is near impossible to find RAW foods around.
And there is utterly no munchies that you can buy on the go.
I tested one massive chain store in town and could safely say that not one thing wasn't processed or chemically altered.
It is true...I have become a food snob.

SO.... the a couple weeks back when I stumbled upon Sweet Bits Chocolate at the local bakery I almost flipped.
Yes!! yummy RAW treats.
When I find something so great I just need to share and tell the world.

Like the Turtlmel's, which I had to custom order sans walnuts, that Claire the owner and maker delivered to my door, were so good I melted.
I haven't had such a treat in a long time.
I place an order of most of the products and now my freezer is filled with beautiful treats that I can have at any moment.
This is a luxury in the RAW world let me tell you.

But even for those non-RAW foodies, these are divine little morsels that I will gladly give my kids anytime as they are jammed full of healthy stuff.

I have made Gogi bars in the past and they taste quite similar but these are so wonderfully scrumptious that I will hand it over to them to make and I will simply indulge.

Ah! and the Coconut Shys.
K's personal favorite.
Please support a local business and a RAW food entrepreneur by trying these delights and sharing with a friend.

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  1. I found them a few weeks ago as well and love them - what a gem, I didn't know they had a website, I will pass it on for sure