Monday, August 12, 2013

Settin' Up A New Business

A couple months back our renters gave their notice after 4 years.
It was so sad to say goodbye.
I miss them terribly and the girls miss the only "brothers" they ever had.

But with change comes new adventures.
So I took a chance and decided to open a business.

It has been a lot of hard work.
No shortage of grunt labour and organizing.
Hubby has been incredible.
He painted the trailer on his only 2 days off, in crazy heat.
We have had to do a ton of landscaping, but i love that sort of stuff.
However all this on top of our regular life has been a bit challenging.
Lots of juggling time.
My A-Type personality doesn't allow me to let anything go.

I made a renegade day trip over to the mainland for an Ikea shop.
2 carts and a van filled to the top later I headed home.

Set up began soon after this.

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