Saturday, January 26, 2013

White Board

I love all the new fancy paints that you can buy, glow in the dark, magnetic, white board.
Perfect for the DIY'er like myself.

I found some at home depot and it was reasonably priced, so I had no excuse to not try it!!

On the side of our pantry we have this large empty space.
Can't quite pin anything to it or hang anything on it, it's in a high traffic area, things would be ruined in a day.

But it wa perfect for this project!!

Late one night when everyone was in bed, and I knew there wouldn't be any "accidents", I painted on 5 coats of the stuff.
With 20 minutes between coats it wasn't really to bad.

I am in love with the results.
A white board, in my kitchen, that serves wonderfully for schooling.
Pretty exciting stuff!

I think this was a clean, smart idea for our small home.

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