Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adventures of Chuckles Our Elf

Chuckles returned in full force this holiday season.
It was so exciting to see the young ones sheer joy as she woke each morning and tromped through the house excitedly searching for the mischievous little red elf.

Non of the ideas are super original but thankfully the internet is loaded with other peoples elf adventures.
It saved me on a few late nights when it got too late or the one night I actually forgot.

I dont recommend 24 days but I know that this was probably the last year of Magic in our house, so i really wanted to make it special.

I even used elf to my advantage on a particularly difficult parenting day.

This was my fave for sure.
A few friends of our came to stay for the weekend and elf couldn't help himself.
LOL, it was funny to see poor E's face in the morning!!

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