Thursday, November 22, 2012


I had waited for months, as my hair grew out long enough.
I waited for years to get the gumption (and costs) all in order.
I found my supplier in Ontario and finally ordered my dream hair.

Or as my kids referred to them as...Dread-fuls!!

I found a lady who was willing to install them.
And after all that, 8 fun filled hours and a bottle of wine I finally had my hair!!

All in all it was perfect.
Heavy, itchy and a lot of getting used to but I was in love.

But them after a couple weeks, no matter how well I took care of them, they began to fall out.
They began to get stinky-ish and my scalp was in torture.
I hated what they were becoming.

Late one night after a book club meeting I came home to find K still awake.
So together, with some Vinyl Cafe and some tea, we slowly took out the dreads.
I had my fun.
It was quite the tasks to brush out and I lost handfuls of hair.
We had fun with my new Afro though.
Its all settled down now.
But I miss the dreads.

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