Monday, November 19, 2012

Chandelier Love/Book Club

This amazing Chandelier was given to me by my beautiful neighbour friend.
Then my hubby and her set it up when I was out one afternoon.

I was able to use it for my book club in September.
                                             I covered it with 30 candles and it was lovely.

We had the event catered for a special girls night.
I went with a super group of local ladies who knocked our socks off with authentic Ethiopian cuisine.

Complete with dessert and honeyed wine.

We did have a slight fire situation, and it left the clothes burned and a singe mark on my table.

If you ever get the chance to read Cutting for STone by Abraham Verghese I highly recommend it.
And if you get a chance to be in a book club I think you couldn't do yourself anything better.
This group of ladies are the most amazing women I know and I am eternally grateful for each one of them.

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