Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day in the Farm Life

E has never been shy when it comes to getting hands on and dirty.

She thought it was pretty cool mixing flour water and dirt this particular day and made a pasty mud glue and adhered it to her entire body.
Best of all, her hair!!
Yes that was a nice mess to wash out.
But she had so much fun I couldn't resist watching her.

Do you notice this facial expression?
This is her "look.
Genuine E!!
Gotta love those eyes and they get her out of so much trouble.

Yard lounging with t he critters.

What better than a kitten up a tree?
Even if it doesn't want to, its still darn cute.

Lucy's a little concerned as the kitties are rooting around for something she cant offer!!

Oh! And Molly says Hi!!

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