Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kate's Quilt

As I love to quilt I have visions of the girls and I sitting together, stitching and quilting.
Visions of fabric store sessions, finding just the right pattern and material for the occasion.
Creating lovely quilts to share with family and friends, full of love and rich with talent.

Well K's first quilt went a little differently than I had envisioned.
More work than she has anticipated but no less love.
Her initial intention was for the quilt to be made and given to YANA for a sick child.
My heart melted when she expressed desire to make a quilt for that reason.
After what ended up being months, due to lack of interest and slight intimidation at the vast amount of work one quilt entails, the finished quilt now sits on her reading chair.
It's hers to love and enjoy.
The next one will be for YANA.

The finished quilt.
I will cherish it forever.
And save it for the day she may choose to have children of her own.

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