Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Draw Something (or Pictionary as We Used to Call It)

With iPhones come all the latest apps and such.
I am no stranger to keeping up with the times and getting swept up in the craze.
Draw Something has me hooked, well more so the kids.
They love to sit with my and guess each clue and figure out the best way to draw the next one.
So I decided lets go a bit hands free, (or retro as my kids say) and I pulled out my dated version of Pictionary.
It was great to open the box and see the games once played many, many moons ago.
Great Memories!!

 And today we made our own memories.
I am thrilled to see the girls having so much fun at this, drawing, laughing and just being relaxed in the morning while the sun heats up the day.

If you haven't tried the app I suggest you do, but I also suggest grabbing some pencils and letting your hands create.

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