Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Youngest Lady Turned 6

Here she is!!
Our "little thunder", who spent the last week totally revved up for her big day.
It couldn't come fast enough for her, or me.

Here is her morning birthday breakfast, Monster High style.
This was the theme for the day, well pretty much everyday as of late.
We hosted her party at a new gaming coffee shop in town.
She is sort of obsessed with playing videos games, so this was her idea of heaven.
Then add 10 of her friends, chips and pop, and it was just perfect.

 There was two rooms with no short of 6 big screen TV's with every game console and 100's of games available.
(What a brilliant concept, a place for kids to hang out and play while parents  have a coffee and visit in the other rooms.)

 We had the cake made at Quality Foods and they scanned a picture I brought in and were able to make this amazing cake.
Much better than I would ever had accomplished.
That being said this was a whole new experience for me.
I didn't decorate, make the cake or do anything really, where as I usually go all out.
I love parties!!
But it was what she wanted, and ironically it worked out perfect as our interior renovations just finished up and we have been moving and shuffling every single room in the house.

So here she is, our newest 6 year old.
I am not only so proud of her, I couldn't be more happy of who she is becoming.
She is so loving and trusting, humorous and smart.
She is bursting with energy and laughter.
E is the spark we all need in our lives.
I love you my littlest angel.

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