Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea Grannies

While at home we shop faithfully at The Tea Centre to get our teas and supplies.

I have 3 tea pot all of different sizes and applications of course.

The girls and I drink pots full daily but only the herbal kinds as me and caffeine have a mutual understanding that I should just stay away from it.

I love the warmth of a good cuppa in my hands and the soothing heat as I drink, especially in this freezing weather that has snapped upon us.
I love getting to sneak in some crafting as well by making tea cozies, this one from an old kids sweater that had a laundry mis-hap.

I have a basket stuffed full of teas.

Every flavour imaginable.
Have you ever tried tarimsu tea?
My girls are real grannies as well.
They know the seeping rules, the ones that need honey or lemon or milk.
They have even become refined enough to taste the differences between certain kinds and certain brands.

I have to admit though, that an all time favorite is from  Silk Road.

And while in Victoria I always stop at this tea shop.
Their Philosophers  Brew and Angel Water are perfection in a cup.

I think the world could solve all it's problems by sitting down to a good cup of tea.

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