Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Structures and Mechanisms

K has been learning (u-hem) about structure and the function of mechanisms.
It's rather dry for her (I completely agree) but it is part of the curriculum, so she challenged it and thought outside the box.
She created each of the fundamental vocabulary words and structures she needed to recreate with a glue-gun and popsicle sticks.
Labelling each piece and describing to me, in detail, how they each work, made me realize that this was indeed a tedious task for her.
But she humoured me with it and it the process was able to teach her sister all about the subject.
She really didn't need to do this part of the school year, but she owned it. and now it's done.
Another reason why I need to trust that I know her better and should just forget about the books and let her learn at her pace.

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