Friday, November 18, 2011

Growing, (Wrong time of Year)

 Ironically we are sprouting beans and other seeds for schooling at the moment.
I am going through the motions, as is Katie because this is so beneath her on so many levels.
She is a mini hortaculturalist at heart and can name every plant and flower in our yard and garden.
So to be doing this seems odd/boring, especially in the winter.
Even E finds it dull.
But I feel it is good for the writing and experimentation documentation aspect but otherwise I really can see how homeschooling from a book can be such a waste of time.
We will finish this section and omit the remainder, moving up to more challenging concepts.

I completely understand that in school they try to replicate what it is we learn at home and in life.
So being at home and living life really is the best best for my kids to be.
How lucky are we to live this life, to learn form each other and grow together as a family.
These seeds have shown me that we are doing everything just the way we were meant to be.

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