Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cake Pop=FAIL

 Starbucks had an all in a box, make your own, Christmasy cake pop package at the check out.
Well this day there happened to be an excessively long line up and by the end I ended up thinking that this purchase was a decent idea.
Marketing savvy at its peak!!
Well it was not so!
These little goodies were a mess.
I like to think I am somewhat knowledgable around the kitchen and can indeed read instructions, but these failed miserably.
The only redemption?.... They tasted so yummy!!

 On the other hand, these prepackaged confections from Superstore, otherwise known as Whoopi Pies, were quick and easy and yummy as well.
Hubby was happy.

But nothing can ever beat good old home cooking in my eyes.

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