Sunday, October 27, 2013

Figure Drawing/Painting Birthday Party Class

I had a request for an adult birthday party.
The birthday girl wanted to do something different than the typical evening out at a restaurant or bar.
So she got together with 8 friends and wanted to do a figure drawing class.

Last night we had that class and it was so fabulous.
They all had a great time.
Each of them brought a snack/tapas, (we have a full kitchen at the Art Lab), and I supplied the cupcakes, so we had a little party.

But we got down to work pretty fast.
I gave them a quick spiel on gesture/figure drawing and then out came the model and it was pretty serious work from then on.

It was wonderful to watch them all find their style and challenge themselves.
As a facilitator the best thing ever is to see someone transform, that moment they realize they indeed are creative and are able to draw.
I love seeing the smile and pride in themselves.

After a few 2 minute sketches, we worked with blind sketching and then got into a couple 5 minute sketches.
As this was only a 2 hour session/party I had to squeeze a lot in.
Lines, perspective, negative space, pivotal points, on and on I blabbed.
Poor ladies sure got an ear full.

We had a quick break, some refreshments and snacks, then got ourselves set up and ready for the big project.
A 30 minute painting.
They took all that I had said and used that new knowledge to formulate their form onto canvass.

Our model was so competent and held his poses with grace and strength.
He made it really easy for the girls.

Each used a colour palette of choice and worked with acrylics or water colours.

 I am so impressed with each one of their pieces.
They worked hard and it shows.

Here is each painting separately.
Each one is unique and expressive.
And all show the same pose in various ways.

I wonder where these ladies will hang their new art pieces?

I can't wait to do the next figure class.
And hopefully another party one day, what a great idea that was.

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