Monday, August 12, 2013

Putting Away Supplies/Getting Organized

I have had a blast finding wholesalers and companies to work with.
I have had supplies come from all over North America.
I tried local as much as possible but some things have to be out-sourced.

I have made so many wonderful contacts and even a few new friends.
This process had been so meaningful.

The learning curve for opening a business has been huge but it has all gone pretty smoothly so far.
I am very organized and love to be efficient with time and money, but this venture has pushed my boundaries.
I must admit I've grown quite well so far.

I have run a couple beta-test classes to work out the kinks and I am happy with the progress.
I love the kids energy and finding that I am indeed cut out for this.
Phewf! I have been having nightmares of this being a huge flop!

I have gathered a huge selection of mediums to fill the art lab with.
The shelves are getting filled and the artsy feel is taking over.
It's so colourful.

I'm getting so nervous and excited to teach, learn, create and play.

I love books.
I love to collect books.
I have had so much fun finding books to fill the art lab's library/reference section.

I am in my glory!!

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