Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mud Sweat and Tears= Life Lesson for Me

A team of 6 of us decided to go for it and enter the MST.

It was a fantastic day.
Weather was perfectly overcast and not blazing hot.

Everyone was in great spirits and ready to go!!

We were in the 2nd heat and got off running at 9:30.

It wasn't as crazy hard as i had thought it would be but it was still tough.
Fun tough.

The obstacles were kind of lumped together, which was great for spectators but a bit blah for the participants.
I'd rather run a kilometre then do an obstacle, than run 2 kms and have 4 obstacles together.
but it worked.

I love the look on these girl faces, determined!!

This was tougher than it looked!

And here were go up the 2 km Misery Mile.
Aptly named I might add.

This is where I began to have trouble.
I started to feel icky.

After I reached the top, which was a bit painfully slow for my usual abilities we started to head down again through some switch-backs.

I should have clued in at this point.

But by the time I reached the next obstacle and had to stop and wait, a rope over water to pull yourself along, I felt the full brunt of what was going on.

I was going into hypoglycaemic shock, probably adrenaline induced, though ill never know for sure.

Even though I ate breakfast and thought I had it under control I was taken down, hard.
Felt drunk as a skunk, nauseas, shaky and sweaty, dizzy and stupid.
So down I went.
My pulse was just fine and barley elevated but my head was spinning and one of my pupils were not responding.
 Not good!!
Water wasn't enough and I didn't have any Glucogel.
Finally they called a medic and 10 minutes later he arrived with 5-alive and a banana.
Once that set in, about 10 more minutes, I was able to slowly walk to the ATV.

Then I got fuming mad!!
I got embarrassed and really sad.
I was all over the board.
I felt alone up there and even a bit scared, its a horrible feeling.

After I got down the mountain and I found  hubby and the kids, all I wanted to do was go home.
Everyone else was celebrating and I was too rough to even care.

I stayed in bed for hours with the most pounding headache and stomach ache.
I slept for a few hours and woke up hung over like.
But better.
And I was starving.

The sweetest thing ever was a cardboard medal my kids made for me because I didn't receive one.
Even though I got a big DNF (did not finish) in this race they were still proud.
SO I realized I should be too.
So instead of getting angry I saw it as a life lesson.
My girls now know that I tried my best and that I need to always take care of my self.

So guess what I'm doing next week?
I'm going to run it again and prove I can get it done, for my own sake.
Even though the obstacles will be gone, the misery mile will still be there.

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