Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Science World-

The Our World Exhibit is a great resource to teach the kids in a real visual manner about recycling, water, waste etc.
But this hamster wheel keeps them active for entirely way too long...

The outdoor exhibit was fun and interactive.

Lifting the garbage house was a real challenge.

But the most talked about, and new to us, was the sex exhibit.

This is me in shock.
We have had "The Talk " with the kids but not to this detail!!
I was answering entirely too many questions!!

The video game of sperm trying to make it way to the egg inside the vaginal canal was all but lost on the girls.
I was stifling a laugh, like an immature school kid.

I loved, loved, loved the little pockets dioramas.

Science World is the best place to bring the kids.

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