Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Idle no More

The girls and I have been talking lots about native history and the Idle No More movement lately.
They have strong native roots and as such I try very hard to keep them grounded in their heritage.
We happened upon a protest/gathering  the other day and the girls questioned me as to why we weren't there.

I said I wasn't too sure why we weren't and parked the car.
We heard wonderful speeches and some not so wonderful stories about the struggles and life of many people in Canada.
We watched dancing and drumming.
And I think the peace pipe ceremony was the neatest thing to partake in.

There was so much love and dedication.
 I felt happy to be able to show my support.
(Although I have so many things to say on this subject, I choose to not go into details as I want to leave this blog simple and light.)

The girls were also very intrigued with the beautiful button blankets they saw.
We have decided to take on making one for each of them.
That will be a wonderful project to do together.

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