Thursday, December 6, 2012

End of the Gardening Season

Last flower standing this year.
Second blooming of my calendula.

Truck load of seaweed to top the beds, put then to rest for the winter.

Oddly, still a few peppers holding on in the greenhouse.

Seed saving, Kale.

A few cold frames set out for my winter Kale.

Trying a new idea.
Left seeds in pumpkin and put dirt inside.
Hoping it'll seed itself and grown new pumpkins.
Its a work in progress.
Let you next year know if it works.

Beddy Bye Beds.

Hubby put on a new roof, just in time before the rains hit.
It looks wonderful compared to the ratty old plastic.

Chicken coop is empty and still.
Now all the grain had taken to sprouting.
We have one wild chicken that roams around and she's been grazing in here at her leisure.
She's pretty happy.

Mint drying for tea.

A sunny moment.

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