Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simple Fabric Crafting

Fun fabrics that I never seem to use because I save them for a "special" project.
Well I never have found that "special" project and I always seem to find more awesome fabrics so I decided to put my stash to work.

Cork trivets I bought at Ikea and I covered them with fabric and hot glue gunned it in place.
Using velcro stickers I adhered them to my wall in the craft room without messing up my walls and they are non-commital so I can change them up or get rid of them as I chose.

Then I took all my favourite pieces and cut out, stitched up and stuck on them on the table for napkins.
Perfect way to show off and use my lovely fabrics.
And they wash up perfectly and are just the right size for my napkin holder!!

With the smaller bits in my scrap book I made coasters for the kitchen table.
Love these, they help keep the school work dry from the condensation of the drinks accumulated during a morning session.

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