Monday, October 1, 2012

Camping Some More

Hubby was in camp most of the summer so I took the girls on as many adventures as I could.
Camping was a huge hit, and we got in quite a few before summer ended.

The big hit was making s'mores cones.
Choco chips in the bottom of the cone, then mini marshmallows on the top.
Wrap in tin foil and cook over flames for about 5 minutes.
Then eat, nice a clean and no burnt mellows.

The girls feed the residence squirrels many lovely meals.
Hours spent making these leaf platters.
I love their imaginations.
Just as I sometimes worry about the age of technology I see things like this and I am satisfied they are getting a good mix of it all.

K has become a huge Jim Gaffigan fan and said I needed to add this.

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